Can a birthday girl get any cuter?

Steph Ling from Overdressed Steph  just rang in her 22nd birthday Louis Vuitton. Jump over to her blog to see the cherry-red LV wallet on chain against her cherry-print mini dress. Hawt!


Posted on 22.11.17

That retro glam

Rent our Motty Grey Drew and get your retro vibes rolling.


Posted on 21.11.17

A little statement on authenticity

Higher believes in the power of design to transform and elevate our lives. We respect designers and their artistic vision and the master craftsmen and women who bring these designs to life. Higher 100% guarantees all our bags are genuine designer items. All our bags were purchased in 2017, in Melbourne boutiques, with the exception of our Goyards which were purchased and couriered directly from their flagship store on Rue Saint Honore, Paris. As we add to the collection over time, we will only ever select new, authentic items. This is our promise, and our pleasure, to keep it real.

Nothing beats the craftsmanship, the quality or the experience of these iconic brands and we are so excited to deliver them to you.

Take a look at the Dior ateliers in action, building the beautiful J’adior clutch, yours to rent here.



Posted on 17.11.17

A journey with Louis

Nobody does travel like Louis Vuitton. Take a trip with our LV range now. Hit the open road – or water or desert – in style.



Posted on 7.11.17

Got a bit to carry?

Some days you need to make like Miranda and take a tote. Carry it all with Celine’s Microluggage.


Posted on 1.11.17

Gonna glitter all over this shindig.

Shine on, you crazy diamond. Be the mirrorball in the room with our Diorama. Reflect goodness all around you with beautiful Bvlgari. You are the treasure island with our Classic Kate Tassel Clutch.


Posted on 30.10.17

Talk to me, Chloe.

Is it strange to want to be friends with a fashion label? Sometimes I imagine sitting around the dinner table with Chloe, swapping travel tips and stories about exes and sharing bags, of course. She’d be so refined and chic and modern and classic and it would probably annoy the hell out of me. But I’d love her and she’d love me. Not strange to think like that, is it? IS IT?

Take a look at our Chloe. She’s so gorgeous.

Posted on 25.10.17

Rose + ruby, pink + red

Add this delish colour combo to your next outfit with our LV Love Note with gold chain. Hawt.

Posted on 20.10.17

Vogue talks tech

Loved catching up on the chats from Vogue Codes Live, held earlier this year in Sydney and Melbourne. A stack of inspirational and accomplished women and men discussed how they use technology to empower their lives, mentoring and entrepreneurship…all in great style of course.

Posted on 20.10.17

Hermes got us feeling all breezy



Posted on 19.10.17


Gucci and the tigers

We selected the quilted Marmont in yellow as the standout piece from Gucci’s bold SS17 collection. Now, please excuse us while we go frolic in the fountain.

Posted on 20.10.17



Party hard. Don’t spend hard.

Summer is all about carefree outfits and loose antics, right? But that doesn’t equal killing your bank balance. Higher’s all about access over ownership. We think luxury vibes should be for everyone. Renting makes sense. Like rollerskating in a faux fur jacket.

Posted on 13.10.17


Step away from your safety zone

Okay, so Karl Largerfeld’s hula hoop bag might be a stretch, but we’re all about trying new things. Experimenting with bags is an easy way to take an outfit from something ‘so you’ to ‘ah, yeah, we were NOT expecting that’.

Try YSL’s luminous Classic Kate Tassel Clutch. She’s perfect for a birthday brunch with the gals and brings balanced bling to a floral boho dress. Or carry a statement in your hand with the J’adior Croisiere Wallet. We stock the black and the rose. Here’s a couple to get you motivated.

Posted on 12.10.17



When in doubt, add a tassel

No, they’re not just for curtains and those cute necklaces you buy in beachside boutiques. Tassels are magnificent. Take a look for yourself – we’ve got a few YSL tasseled gems in the collection now.

Posted on 9.10.17


Dior + Jennifer Lawrence

Ah, Jen. We love her film choices and her wit. And she rocks Dior. We have the Diorama in gold– even better than the ruby rosy one she’s got below. And those b&w shots from this year? Uber cool. Love the casualness, the attitude, the ease.

Posted on 5.10.17



Comfort and luxe. The dream combo.

We love glam. Nodoubtaboutit. Equally though, we’re crazy for tees and sneakers and a sleek-as-all-hell bag. There’s something undeniably intelligent about comfy shoes. Almost as clever as renting designer pieces, wouldn’t you say? Get your ripped jeans and your Stan Smiths on, add our Chanel Boy in black and let us take you to comfy-luxe town.

Posted on 3.10.17